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Life coaching is different than psychotherapy. Unlike psychotherapy, life coaching is for people that are ready to make major changes and brakethroughs in life. While people may want to change things in their lives, whether that is in the area of personal relationships, career, earning more money, personal growth and development, or following their dreams and reaching their full poential as it unfolds before them, they often wait for too long, waiting for the right timing. More often than not however, what holds them back, is their own fear of failure or perhaps even, their fear of success.

Change is the constant of life, the natural course of things. Yet what ought to be really simpe and easy, some times can be a very hard thing to do. Or so we think. Change sometimes can be so simple as changing our perspecive of looking at things. Challenging our own belief system and way of thinking, or even the way we feel about things.

Based on the Reality Theory of Harmonization, where the core premise is that we create our own reality, I can help you see your blind spots, see clearly where you are now in relation to where you want to go and help you bridge the gap between the two, while you carve the path that will take you there.

I work with coaching clients around the world in person and through Skype and help them create a more fulfilling, satisfying and successful life for themselves and the people they care about.

Life coaching will help you:

Get to know more of who you really are…

Become aware of yourself as the creator of your experience…

Learn how to create your own reality and experience…

Learn how to shift your perspective and direct your thoughts, so you easily swift through life and make the right decisions  towards personal breakthroughs and open the door to a fulfilling, satisfying and successful life…

Get to know how to identify your needs and desires for what they are…

Learn how to prioritize and focus on what you want to achieve…


The fee for a coaching 60m session is $140. You can get a discound, if you ask for a package of 5 sessions for $575, or a package of 10 sessions for $1000. There is no cancellation fee as long as there is a 48-hours notice or you cannot attend the session due to unforeseeable circumstances.

How to get started:

If you think life coaching may be helpful to you at this point in your life, send me an email or call me and I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the process, fees or policies.

Business Coaching

I also coach businesses, organizations and corporations around the world. Based on the Reality Theory of Harmonization my coaching process focuses on two premises.

  1. Strengthening the unit, meaning the employee, to ensure the foundation of a good and functional working whole. This takes into account that:
  • The better and more comfortable employees feel, the more productive they are.
  • Stress inhibits productivity, while well being enhances creativity and therefore productivity.
  • Success is not the direct result of conditioned based motivated hard work, but that of inspired and creative action.

Key to business success Employees and managers alike will learn:

  • That each of the employees, in their own way are equally important to the success of the company, the corporation or the organization that in turn has a direct impact on themselves and their career.
  • How to pay attention and direct their thoughts, their feelings and their expectation towards performing in a way that will ensure the success of the business.
  • How the well being and feelings of contentment and happiness of the people that work for a company feeds and informs the “well being” of the business.
  • Understand how feeling well, contentment, fulfillment and happiness are states of being and learn ways in which they can achieve them at will.

2.  Strengthening the whole, meaning the business/organization/corporation by attending to the relationships between the employees by infusing cooperation, trust, respect and a sense of belonging and by inspiring enthusiasm and creativity. How this will help:

  • Employees will feel a sense of belonging and bonding with their colleagues that will ensue a genuine interest for the collective, instead of personal success.
  • Will infuse enthusiasm and cooperation that will enhance the overall functionality of the business.
  • The decrease in competition and internal conflicts arising from conflicted personal interests, will allow the space for inspiration and creative spirit to emerge that will enhance productivity and achievement of the business/organization/corporation.

Business Coaching, takes place in person in the form of individual or group meetings, seminars and experiential workshops, through webinars and through Skype. Contact me in the form below for more information or to request business coaching.

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