Group Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy refers to therapy that takes place in a group format, between a therapist and a small number of people.

The core idea of group psychotherapy, is that humans are relational beings that tend to experience life through their interpersonal interactions with others.

Through our interactions with others we form our identities in young age and are taught social and relational skills. Based on this premise, the group acts as a microcosm of the real world and the group process facilitates the development of interpersonal relationships among the group members and explores the ways in which they relate with others and form intimidate relationships in all fronts of life.

In this safe and supportive environment, the members of the group become aware of dysfunctional aspects of themselves, responsible for hindering contentment and fulfillment in life through interaction with others.

Through the group process, conditions become conducive towards a path to self awareness that in turn cultivates relational and interpersonal skills and potential for contentment, fulfillment and self realization.

Group psychotherapy will help you:

  • Become aware of the way in which you relate to other people.
  • Cultivate your relational skills and Improve your interpersonal relationships
  • Learn how to express yourself and communicate your feelings to others in an appropriate manner.
  • Improve your sense of self and increase your self esteem.
  • Learn how to listen to other people expressing their thoughts, feelings and concerns in a supporting and compassionating way.
  • Become aware of yourself through the way in which others see you.
  • Experience a sense of belonging
  • Understand that you are not alone, other people face the same challenges fears and concerns with you.

The process:

Group psychotherapy typically lasts for a period of 6 to 9 months. Sessions are 90m long and the group meets on a weekly basis.

During the session, group members share with the rest of the group personal and relationship issues they wish to discuss and receive support for.

If you are interested to participate in one of the groups, a 30m free session with me is required first, in order to determine whether you are a good fit for the specific group.

The fee for a Group therapy 90m session is $50. There is no cancellation fee as long as there is a 48-hours notice or you cannot attend the session due to enforceable circumstances.

How to get started:
If you think group therapy may be helpful to you, send me an email or call me and I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the process of treatment, fees or policies.

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