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Introduction to Psychology Talks

This is an introductory video to Psychology Talks Video Blog. From here I will be sharing with you short videos with information regarding Psychology, Philosophy, The Art of Happiness and Well Being, the Art of Self Realization, The Art of Creating your Reality, Love and Relationships. Would love to know your thoughts and requests on topics you want to know more… Thank you for watching and come back for more…  ... read more

Letters to Self

As I write this letter I know in my heart that the voice I hear is coming from a place within, a place so deep and far away and yet so close and near by… The answer I seek is for a question never asked, a thought never expressed, a song never written… An answer that seeks to be answered by the wavelength of the question itself… What that might be then… A calling, a breath, a deeper need to come closer and embrace in silence, in bliss, in ecstatic love with a child like wonder and a wisdom that goes back through the ages… A yearning to be held, embraced, basked in a love charged bliss, within an ocean full of riches, riches of life and love… That hold the keys to life and death, poverty and wealth, sickness and health… The keys am talking about are the keys that unlock the heart and set spirit free, to soar in wonder in places well known yet forgotten that seek to be seen again for what they are. In my eyes there are wonders, there is magic and miracles, in my ears the most beautiful sounds and music yet to be written, spectacular colors sparkling around, smells and tastes of all sorts all interwoven to a wondrous sight waiting to be seen… The question then forms itself as the answer unfolds before it, “who am I and what am I doing... read more

Two Day Workshop: Dreaming the Dream – Beauty the Mirror of the Soul

Two-day Experiential Workshop: Dreaming the Dream – Beauty, the mirror of the soul. THIS SUMMER … We travel together in Greece and let its beauty awaken the beauty we bare inside… Our first stop, the beautiful island of Paros … Participation fee €250. Reduced cost for early registrations until May 15th, €185 Includes: Seminar costs Two-day stay Refreshments / Snacks during the seminar Our host will be “Alpha-Omega”, a small, seaside studio complex, built according to the traditional Cycladic architecture, overlooking the sea, 50 meters from the beach. For participation and more information, contact the coordinators. Your participation is ensured only through personal contact with us. Reserve your spot soon as they filling fast. Speakers: Dr. Apostlolos Apostolou, Professor of Philosophy, adfapostolou@yahoo.gr http://phcou.com/ www.facebook.com/PhilosophikeSymbouleutikePhilosophikeAnthropologia Dr. Athena George, Clinical Psychologist, info@athenageorgiou.com www.athenageorgiou.com... read more

The Alchemy of Love

The power of Love has been known since ancient times. Philosophers have long talked about Love’s power to transform and change everyone who falls under its spell, unable to resist when pierced by the arrows of Eros. In Plato’s Symposium, Socrates refers to his initiation into the “Mysteries of Love” and how the real nature and qualities of “Eros” as a driving life force and bridge between humans and the Divine were revealed to him. Associated with ancient teachings and the Eleusinian Mysteries, the initiation to the Mysteries of Love was thought to reward the initiate to the path with powerful sacred ancient truths, well-hidden from the impure eyes of the many. According to Socrates, for those seeing this truth, life would be forever changed and the soul elevated toward something more beautiful and perfect than anything previously beheld. However, realizng that this truth was the instigating force behind their inner need for “knowing” would lead them to embark upon this journey to knowledge. One of the main speeches offered as an ode to Eros in the Symposium, one of Plato’s more important works about Love, revolved around the myth of the first human created by the gods. According to the myth, the humans initially created by the gods looked very different from the way they do now. Human beings at the dawn of creation physically embodied both male and female aspects with one head and two faces and four arms and legs. The two parts, male and female, were happily integrated, complementing each other, empowered within the inherent wholeness of what they were created to be. However, they soon became arrogant in their growing power... read more

Happiness and Well Being are states of Being, possible to evoke at will.

What if the reality we experience is the result of what we unconsciously come to anticipate according to previous experience and the example of others around us? What if our experience of the external world is bound to internal mental schemes and constructs created from birth that are projected outside to inform our experience and perpetuate patterns of experience throughout our lifetime. What if what we perceive and therefore what we experience is nothing more, than what we expect to experience. But is it even possible for something different, other that what we can see, hear, touch taste or smell to be real? Is it possible that there is a wide array of different possibilities ready to unfold, from which we can choose? And if yes, how can that be? Psychologists and more specifically psychoanalysis Freud and Object Relations Theorists, tells us that since we come to this life, we are driven by unconscious opposing forces, faced with what seems to be a twofold threat. The need to satisfy biological needs, for example being fed or taken cared of, needs that can potentially lead to pleasure, and the fear of death, that is translated to survival anxiety. The two instincts, the instinct of pleasure and the instinct of death, create a polarity. This polarity, allows the infant that in the first days of life experiences a symbiotic relationship with the mother, through gradual exposure to the external environment, through the mother at the beginning and as time progresses through interaction with the father and other people, to differentiate and form a sense of self. As the infant interacts with... read more

Welcome to my psychology and psychotherapy page.

“The whole of life is a process in which, as it unfolds, one gets to become who one already is.” Dr. Athena Georgiou Welcome to my psychology and psychotherapy page. My goal is to offer a new and refreshing approach to therapy, mental health, well being and happiness. Here you can find articles, videos, posts about my recent work and information about lectures and seminars. Thank you for being my fellow travelers in the journey of life.... read more