Approach to Therapy

Psychologists come from different theoretical backgrounds based on their academic and professional training. Drawing from this theoretical background they are able to conduct diagnostic sessions, come up with an individualized treatment plan and proceed with therapy.

My theoretical orientation is psychoanalytic based on Freudian psychoanalysis and Object Relations theory, one of the major trends that emerged from analytic thinkers that were impacted by Freud.

My approach to psychotherapy, is deeply embellished in the roots of Psychoanalysis and the depths of Western Philosophy, reflected in what I call Reality Theory of Harmonization. Based on psychodynamic therapy and the premise that we create what we get to experience, therapy offered is focused not on what is wrong and needs to be corrected by a specialist, (psychotherapist) but on empowering people by helping them how to learn to pave their own path towards desired outcomes and best possible potentials, through self realization and mastery of self.

Throughout my academic and professional training, I have also been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Person Centered Therapy, Existential Psychotherapy and Group Psychotherapy. My academic knowledge and professional experience allows me to draw from a wide pool of options in order to be of service and better help to you.

Reality Theory of Harmonization and Harmonization Therapy

Reality Theory of Harmonization and Therapy is based on the premise that the experienced reality is perceptual and self created. It is seen as a combination between perception of the external environment through the bodily senses and mental formations created by the mind that in turn are projected outwards and form the reality we experience…

In simpler words, we perceive and therefore experience, what we expect to experience.
What that means then is that the experienced reality, is the product of our own doing, except we are not aware of this fact.

What it is also means, is that if we become aware of the unconscious forces behind creating experienced reality, then it is possible to step out of a life created in default and to consciously create and self direct our experience, towards desired outcomes.

Harmonization therapy,  focuses on empowering and enhancing potential through the progressive unveiling and realization of self as the creator of experience.