About Dr. Athena Georgiou

Dr. Athena Georgiou is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and researcher. She holds a doctorate and masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco and a bachelor in Psychology from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki in Greece.

With a deep interest in psychoanalysis and philosophy, in her doctoral research she traced the roots of the Freudian psychoanalytic theory in the philosophy of Plato and examined the two theories in relation to each other. She explored the relationship between conscious and unconscious, illusion and reality, love and its role as a driving force and catalyst in human development and growth. Using the above as a platform, she furthered researched the connection between experiencing emotional states of contentment and fulfillment with well being and mental health, in search for an innovative approach to therapy, mental health, happiness and well being.

Dr. Georgiou, is the founder of the Reality Theory of Harmonization and Harmonization Therapy according to which the experienced reality is the result of perception and is self created. The focus of therapy, lies in empowering and enhancing potential through the progressive unfoldment and realization of self as the creator of experience.

She is an expert on happiness and well being. Her research involves the relationship between thoughts, emotions and language with our perception and experience of reality. She studied the way in which our thoughts, emotions and use of language come together to create and inform our experience of reality and how they relate to states of contentment, mental health, happiness and well being. Her research also involves the relationship between physical health and emotional states of being and the alteration of physical and psychological symptoms through immersion to self created emotional states simulating bliss, contentment and love.


Recent Work

Dr. Georgiou is the author of the upcoming books:

“The transformational power of love: Rereading Freud through Socrates, a new approach to psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapy.”

“Reality theory of harmonization and therapeutic application: Unveiling reality through self realization.”

She also writes for scientific journals.

Clinical Professional Experience

Dr. Georgiou has years of experience working in the U.S. and Europe. She has experience working clinically with cases of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, physical and sexual abuse, eating disorders, anger management, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, severe personality disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, ADHD, loss and mourning, neurological disorders, aging, e.t.c.

She works individually with adults, adolescents and children. She also works therapeutically with couples, families and conducts group therapy meetings.

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